HiRamp HiRamp is a project of smart ramps

HiRamp HiRamp is a project of smart ramps

Portfolio Description

HiRamp is a project of smart ramps by Gunel Ismayilova, which improves the mobility of people with disabilities and help them overcome various obstacles during city and park walks. They will be installed mainly in high-traffic areas such as parking lots, crossings, educational institutions, public and social institutions, shopping centers, banks, business centers and other places where these people live and visit.

Smart ramps consist of two parts. The first part performs the role of data processing. The other part consists of a convertible mechanism and sensors. As the cart approaches an obstacle, the ramp allows the cart to clear the obstacle.

It is noted that the ramp, which plays the role of a social support in the road infrastructure, can be transformed into all carts in the country within 3 years. In case of successful results of the first trials, the implementation of the project in the country can be started by the end of this year.

The project has successfully represented Azerbaijan in the international arena, reaching the finals of several local, European and global startup championships and taking second place in the BETA startup competition. It should be noted that the HiRamp project became the winner of the competition of individual grants of the Youth Foundation of the Republic of Azerbaijan ” Make your idea a reality – 2022″.