HiRamp is one of the important steps taken towards the creation and application of social innovations in Azerbaijan.

HiRamp sərgi

In recent years, many successful steps have been taken in the direction of creation and application of social innovations in Azerbaijan. One of these steps is providing care to people with limited physical capabilities and reducing their existing problems.

One of the most successful projects in the field of social innovation is HiRamp. The project was created at the expense of a grant from the Youth Fund of the Republic of Azerbaijan. HiRamp are smart ramps that provide movement of people with disabilities in urban conditions. These ramps are designed for easy passage of carts at crossings and intersections.

Since its inception, HiRamp has started to gain recognition and success in the local and international arena. He represented our country in international competitions, events and exhibitions in the startup eco-system, reached the final stage of the World Startup Championships and attracted the interest of companies from England, Singapore, Turkey and Israel. It includes World Startup Cup, Startup PODİM, London Tech Week, LEAP Technology Expo, The European Founders Week, The AI Summit London and Dubai Future Foundation’s.

It should be noted that the member of HiRamp Startup, Sahin Karimli, was a disabled person due to a violation of body functions, and he died during the implementation of the project. Sahin was the most talented young genius that Azerbaijan has trained in this field. After him, his state was left with dozens of technologies that can be used in social, transportation, alternative energy, defense industry and many other fields. As he needs special care and attention, he could not personally participate in the presentation of many competitions. The latest of these was HiRamp. His dear memory will also be honored at the event.

Kanan Tagiyev, employee of Asan Service Center No. 2, businessman Rashid Mahiyev, founder of RR Group of Companies, Tural Ismayilzadeh, founder of Sky Life Industry Concept, mentors, social service workers and marketing specialists participated in the event. One of the issues raised in the discussions was the further development period of the HiRamp Project, the application and testing of the technology, as well as the issue of financing the project.




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