Borders integrity control uavs

Borders integrity control uavs

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Today, air transport infrastructure is developing rapidly. Hundreds of new drones, UAVs in the sky every day. airplanes and the like are flying and their numbers are increasing rapidly. This requires the improvement of air defense systems. As a result, people want to live safely in their home. For this reason, we offer the production of drones that monitor safety in the airspace. These are the IEDs we call “Polad Hashimov”.

P. Hashimov was created to control the airspace. They will provide services in the field of border protection and help increase security capabilities.

The overall dimensions of the air vehicle are 2250x1460x530 mm. The aircraft moving at a speed of 170 km per hour will be able to fly exactly 800 km with 1 energy storage. The weight of the aircraft is 165 kg, and the payload weight is 70 kg. UAV can fly in manual and autonomous mode. The mass production of the air vehicle is planned to start in 2025.


Future-changing technologies.


Tural İsmayilzadehSenior Researcher

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