Portfolio Description

Today there is a mass death of global bee colonies in the world. This delays pollination. As a result, productivity decreases. This may be one of the causes of the global food crisis in the near future. That’s why we developed SkyBee drones.

SkyBee is an unmanned aerial vehicle used for pollination of plants and flowers. They work in the field of agriculture in horticulture, fields and other cultivation and help increase productivity. The drone has dimensions of 450x550x120 mm. A drone moving at a speed of 6 km per hour can pollinate an area of 200 kg in 1 hour. The drone weighs 650 grams. Drones can work in manual and autonomous mode. Mass production of drones is planned to start in 2024.

Future-changing technologies.


Tural IsmayilzadehSenior Researcher